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Two busted in large meth haul

Lots of meth, enough to supply the cravings of many an addicted user, spelled arrest for two Eastpoint residents Friday night.

Following a call from a confidential informant, law enforcement officers from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office converged at about 11:20 p.m. on a room at the Sportsman’s Lodge where Lawrence “Redbone” Russell, who had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, was believed to be visiting individuals staying there.

In the ensuing attempt to apprehend the suspect, a deputy deployed his Taser four times, to no avail, before he and another officer were able to pin a struggling Russell to the floor, put flex restraints on his wrists and place him in a patrol vehicle.

According to the report, deputies found six plastic baggies, each filled with what field testing determined to be methamphetamine. A total of 39.07 grams of meth were collected, as well as about one-quarter gram of heroin. In addition, the law enforcement officers discovered several scales, as well as hydrocodone tablets.

Russell, 34, Eastpoint, was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell or deliver, and resisting an officer with violence, and given a total bond of $117,500. Due to his violation of conditional release, he was ordered held without bond.

Chastity Matie McKenzie, 29, Eastpoint, was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine over 14 grams, and given a $100,000 bond.

Sheriff A.J. Smith said his office has been consulting with the U.S. Attorney in Tallahassee to see whether they are willing to prosecute the case, because Russell could be deemed a career criminal, and 40 grams is considered a large amount of meth, which points to the scope of his alleged sales operation.

The sheriff said Russell also had been under investigation in Liberty County but law enforcement officials there were unable to make the arrest.

“Both have extensive criminal records and have been through the system many times,” read a news release from the sheriff’s office. “Let’s all work together to make our county drug free.

“Rehabilitation is offered while individuals like these continue to sell their poison,” Smith said. “To those of you who continue to sell, a knock at your door will be FCSO! Your Franklin County sheriff’s office team is working hard.”

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Two busted in large meth haul

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