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Lanark News: Clean-ups help elderly handle rubbish

Hi Y'all,

Happy April Fools Day! I hope that some of you have a fun, silly day. “April Fools” on my comment last week that the name of our wonderful little village was named after Lanark, Ireland. The leprechauns made me do it! Lanark Village was named after Lanarkshire, Scotland reflecting the Scottish influence of, William Clark and the Scottish Land and Improvement Company when they developed the original Lanark Inn Resort (Lanark-on-the-Gulf) in the 1890s.

Lanark is a wonderful place to live, steeped in a colorful history that is worth saving. In these times of those wanting to wipe out history, deeming it not important or necessary, I am hoping that those of us who embrace Lanark's history will prevail in being able to preserve this community by having pride in our home.

The Lanark Village clean-up was a success. There was a good bit of clean-up. Thank you to the county for helping us out in this event by bringing Dumpsters for Lanark volunteers to fill them up to the brim. Thank you to the volunteers who worked hard and dirty to help their neighbors, and thank you to Joan Matey who came up with this idea for this much-needed event started about 10 years ago. Please consider coming to help next time; we can sure use the help. Mostly, take pride and try to keep things picked up and out of sight.

Some of us were asked why we only do the clean-up in the village only. The village is the only area in Lanark that I would say is the most densely populated. There are approximately 400 units, most being rowed with eight apartments with common walls. These units have very little room for storage and you are not supposed to store things in your tiny yards. Many of our residents are elderly and don't have trucks or ways to get to the dump in Eastpoint. For the residents and the tourists, it is important to keep things nice looking. We have lost our Dumpsters, and we have lost our recycle stations, making it harder to put on a “pretty face.” Garbage and trash needs to be addressed in this county.

Sunday was a well-deserved break when several of us went to the Crooked River Lighthouse for a really yummy low country boil. While enjoying this wonderful meal in this beautiful atmosphere, we were treated with a trio playing what I consider dinner music. The boil was only $10, and you could work off those calories with a $5 lighthouse climb.

The county has replaced some of the aged benches in Gene Sewell Park. The residents of Lanark will be painting them. We will try to announce when, if some of you would like to help. This park is a county park and open to the public. Thank you to parks and recreation of Franklin County.

Also, thank you to Commissioner Bert Boldt for having vegetation trimmed away from many areas which were blocking the clear view in Lanark. If you have such a situation, please let me or Commissioner Boldt know. He is also at the Lanark Village Association meetings every first Monday of every month. Next meeting will be April 5.

This week Lanark Village is losing one of our beloved longtime residents. Mrs. Joellen Chandler, widow of John Chandler who passed away several years ago, will be leaving to stay part-time with her daughters in different parts of the country. Kathy Chandler, her daughter who lives in Lanark, will continue to be a resident here. I am sure we will be seeing Joellen when it is Kathy's turn for some Mom time. Best of luck to a sweet lady, we will miss you.

Wednesday, April 14, there will be a non-jury trial before Circuit Judge Jonathan Sjostrom who will preside over a lawsuit between Franklin County, and Timothy and Christina Saunders, for the purpose of a land use change from residential to commercial to enable the land to be used to build a Dollar General store or any commercial venture.

The American Legion has their cheeseburger/hamburger night. They will be serving these wonderful burgers on Friday nights from 5 to 7 p.m. If you want to call ahead, call 697-9998. The Public is invited.

Coffee Time is Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 a.m., with Thursdays having free coffee, by the representative of the VA, along with the resident music makers.

The Lanark Village Bingo is on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m. at Chillas Hall on Heffernan Drive. Please come for a fun, something to do, evening that will help support Lanark Village Association.

The Lanark Village Golf Club is always open for your fun, easygoing golfing needs. We are the only course on the bay and you can come spend the day for only $5 per person.

There is Trivia at the Crooked River Grill on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. Many of our Lanark people enjoy this activity.

Love Lanark!

Please remember to send me an email or message me on Facebook if you have anything come up that you would like to see in print.

Pat Sewell Funderburk is the Times Lanark News columnist. Be sure to send news and society items about Lanark Village life to her at [email protected]

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Lanark News: Clean-ups help elderly handle rubbish

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