Every nation mixes socialism and capitalism


Hart or Shoaf? Shoaf has incomprehensible attitudes towards public health in this pandemic, while Hart offers a juvenile and simplistic exploitation of socialism. Perhaps there is a link.

Everyone knows or should know that the world’s nations that have handled COVID successfully have all been socialist nations. Some think America’s careless attitude towards COVID is due to a rejection of the policies that have been successful, i.e. the thinking that since China is ‘bad.’ nothing she can do can be ‘good.’ My mother used to call this “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”

So Shoaf rejects public health policies that have been proven to be effective in China, Cuba, and Nicaragua. While both China and Cuba have created their own vaccines - and did so without massive bribes to their pharmaceutical companies - vaccines were never the central mitigation. But of course, America cannot learn from their efforts, successes, and failures because we don’t talk to them. Why? Because they are tainted with ‘socialism’ and are considered enemies.

The Russian Revolution in 1917, where the masses put an end to the semi-feudal Czarist society (this included the Church, a holder of vast land and wealth and as much of an oppressor as any noble), frightened the owning classes throughout the world, especially in Europe, but also in the Americas. The Communist Party that took charge of the Russian Empire and formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) became an international pariah. Frankly, anti-socialist propaganda has been intense for a century, as can be seen in Hart, even though the USSR was the key player to defeat Hitler’s Nazi program.

What is not offered in US education and media is the awareness that as of 2021, every nation on the planet is a mixed economy, where social services exist alongside private enterprises. Some nations, such as Cuba, are much more socialistic, while America is much more capitalistic. China is somewhat in-between. Neither pure capitalist or socialist economies exist in the world, though a third alternative, fascism, seems to peep out its ugly head here and there.

The 1929 Great Depression signaled an extreme failure of capitalism - not the first, not the last. FDR, pressured by socialists, communists, and liberals, convinced the ruling elite class to adopt many socialist policies and back off their war against unions. The result was economic recovery sufficient to stop the fall into poverty, hunger, and death that would be the alternative. These social policies - fruits of socialism and too numerous to mention - still exist in many forms in today’s America.

While the capitalists in America learned to live with socialism, the Germans, Italians and Japanese turned to fascism. Note that it took an alliance of capitalism and socialism, a cooperation, to defeat the fascist Axis Allies.

We Americans face enemies today. The COVID pandemic is like Mussolini’s Italy while global warming is like Hitler’s Germany. In order to defeat these deadly enemies, all nations must cooperate regardless of ideology.

Ted Tripp



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  • bigboots

    I have to disagree with the idea that China’s COVID policies were successful. Their vaccine is suspect at best, they imprisoned the infected like lab bats, and while restricting internal travel they encouraged international travel so as to export the virus to the entire planet. No country that respects human life would implement policies like these.




    In addition, it sounds like you are mixing up socialism and social services. They are very different. A social service for example, is assistance to the poor. However, socialism is government ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods. The former assists the poor, the latter just creates more poor.




    Finally, there are some parallels to modern politics and Nazi (National Socialism) Germany, but it’s not the virus. It’s how the yellow Jewish badges, or lack of, from the 1940 are like the vaccine passports today. It’s like how identity politics is used the same way that eugenics was back then. Or simply how political activists partnering with social media are the modern day versions of the Brownshirts and book burners from a hundred years ago.

    Those that fail to learn from history, or learn history incorrectly, are doomed to repeat it.

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