Hart twists reality for political purposes


Ron Hart, the uncredentialed "guest columnist" on June 10 (See “My mid-year review”) claimed with regard to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that the riot involved "a few overzealous protesters in Braveheart paint monkeying with Nancy Pelosi’s podium."

Hogwash. Here is the truth:
• Five people died either shortly before, during, or after the event. One was shot by Capitol Police, one died of a drug overdose, and three succumbed to natural causes.
• More than 140 people were injured in the storming.
Would Mr. Hart have called it "monkeying" if his family members had been among the dead or injured?
The Jan. 6 storming was not an insurrection, not a civil war, not a national catastrophe. But neither was it merely "overzealous protesters." It was a deadly riot.
Mr. Hart's twisting of reality for political purposes is disgusting. Such callous disregard for life and limb marks his comments as being beneath considering, let alone accepting.

Denny Bonavita
Brookville, Pennsylvania


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