Jones did voters a disservice by nixing referendum


I am both angry at the county commission and in full support of the recent opinion letter from Paul Riegelmayer of St. George Island (See Nov. 11 Times “County denied islanders a say on incorporation”). I fail to understand the arrogance displayed by the commission which refused to recognize a legitimate request for a ballot initiative on behalf of the question of incorporation for St. George Island. Because the Non-Binding referendum was requested by Rep. Jason Shoaf, not only did Commissioner Ricky Jones deny his own constituents, he and the other commissioners also Defied the request of their state representative and further denied Shoaf’s opportunity to see the voter results in order to decide for himself if he was willing to sponsor further appropriate legislation.

I don’t understand how the commissioner from SGI failed to represent his constituents who were asking for the incorporation issue to be included as a non-binding vote on the November ballot during a regular election.  Even if the other four commission members felt unanimous in their denial, for whatever undisclosed rationale, I believe that Commissioner Ricky Jones representing the voters of SGI did them a great disservice by ignoring their legitimate request as demonstrated by the wishes of many of those constituents, as well as their state representative.

Perhaps Commissioner Jones should  be ignored in favor of someone who will better represent the SGI constituency when the next election opportunity occurs?

Mel Kelly



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