One hundred years ago....


Editor's note: The following item appeared in the Apalachicola Times on Saturday, Sept. 4, 1920, and was headlined "THE TEACHER."

The splendid progress of the colored boys and girls of Apalachicola who attended the Catholic Sisters school at the Convent on the Hill was brought about by the changed condition of instruction, which heretofore they have not had advantage of. Precept, a potent force in education is worthless, unless sustained by example; and as both these factors are the basis of instruction in this school, the student easily responds with interest, in what; and how, they are taught.

The Sisters are now in the city, and will soon begin the fall and winter term of the schools.  They have increased the teaching force to five, and are prepared to give special instruction in commercial course, typewriting, sewing, cutting and fitting, as well as general education, and kindly solicit the attendance of the children and the support of the community.

Opportunity knocks not once, but constantly at the door of every one who is prepared, and the parents are asked to not lose sight of the educational advantages offered for the benefit of their children by Catholic Sisters School.


This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: One hundred years ago....


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