People will adapt to out-front trash pick-up


As chronicled in The Times, there is some consternation within Apalachicola about residents moving trash cans to streets in front of homes for pickup rather than alleys. (See Dec. 16 Times “Trash pick-up to move out of alleys.”) In wet weather, alleys can turn into quagmires, resulting in broken sewer, water and gas lines, yucky mud bogs, stuck trucks, etc.

Here in Pennsylvania a few decades ago a similar trash-out-front requirement spread, town by town, through our region.

By now, nobody even notices. It does work out.

I am 79. I schlep my trash about 300 feet to the front end of my driveway, even with a foot or more of snow on the ground — and one-third of that distance is uphill. Two months out of each year, I put my trash out into an Apalach alley.  I could just as easily schlep it out front in Florida as I do in Pennsylvania.

Florida's high water table will always turn unpaved alleys into slop chutes during wet weather but streets are paved and can handle the weight of trash trucks.

The change is unsettling to some — as is any change. But I can say that out-front collection of trash works well enough once wrinkles are eliminated. Collectors are considerate of genuine shut-ins. In a few communities, there is an additional monthly charge for fetching trash from alleys or beside houses. Within a few years, that surcharge all but disappears as people adapt to the new procedure.

Denny Bonavita

Brookville, PA

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  • lafleur922

    GRATIAS for your input, Denny--love your last name, from Latin for GOOD LIFE! You're right about one thing: "people will adapt"...to just about anything and have been doing so for millennia. But what people "can" do and what we "should" do are very often at variance. For a different point of view, see my opinion piece here: https://www.franklincounty.news/stories/keeping-garbage-in-its-place,7170? Congrats on making it to 79, at 76 I'm right behind you. Health and happiness to you and yours for the New Year! :) Rick

    Friday, December 31, 2021 Report this

  • denny2319

    Thank you, Rick, for 1. Showing that reasonable people can disagree without being disagreeable, and 2. Encouraging me to register so that I can comment. Let's hope that more people voice their opinions on this issue and in this forum. Happy New Year! Denny

    Thursday, January 6 Report this