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Appreciative of a balanced news source

Posted on
I don’t agree with the comments made in the Feb. 15 letter to the editor (See “Hart, Charen are as liberal as can be”) and…

Reading more books is good for America

Posted on
When I read about the “silent book club” trend, it filled me with instant calm and hope. As it goes, in 2012, two friends in…
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Community & Faith

Cold fronts can destroy relationships

Posted on
How devastating would it be if you discovered you’d accidentally recorded a conversation with your spouse, child or neighbor that didn’t show you at your…

The critical season before Easter

Posted on
What are you doing to prepare your heart for Easter?  Today, you can do something that will change the way you celebrate Resurrection Sunday. This…

Our boasting hurts us and others

Posted on
“We just closed on our million-dollar home. Our children will be going to the best schools in the country, of course …”  I’ve never heard…
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