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Klink named Teacher of the Year
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Klink named Teacher of the Year

In 2006, Tara Klink was the valedictorian of the Apalachicola High School graduating class, and Heather Lee was the salutatorian.Seventeen years later, the two young women have been named Teachers of the Year, Klink for the entire district after being selected the top teacher at Franklin County Schools, and Lee, now married to husband Eric…

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This weekend in Gulf and Franklin

Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or just hanging out with friends and family, Gulf and Franklin counties have a lot going on this weekend.   St. Patty’s Day Pet Parade The WindMark Beach Community Social Committee will be hosting their second annual St. Patrick’s Day Pet Parade on Friday, March 17 at 4 p.m….
Eastpoint veterinarian Dr. Grayson Wallace Northrop with a litter of puppies [ Michael Northrop | Contributed ]

Eyebrows raised by possible dog poisonings

In a criminal case, they call it “reasonable doubt” and you have to get beyond it. In civil matters, it’s called “a preponderance of the evidence”  and you have to have a whole mess of it. Neither is the same as 100 percent, iron-clad, take-it-to-the-bank certainly, but it makes you wonder. It’s pretty safe to…


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How much does it mean to you?

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R.A. Tea Mathews | Guest Columnist All the Black men I know call one another “brothers.” In the early church,…

Using the cell phone wisely

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Michael J. Brooks | Guest Columnist It was a story from “The New York Post” last spring that I pondered…

Escaping my ego

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I normally don’t use this space for writing book reviews, but there is one that has really been working on…
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Answering the knock at the door

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I believe it is safe to say I am the first person in the 125-year history of the Apalachicola Public…
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