Forrest Pressnel and Terri Carey won the Best Dressed award, and the third place golf cart. [ Pat Funderburk ]
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Golf carts in style for Independence Day

Hi Y’all, Happy Fourth of July!

In the hot, steamy village of Lanark there is always fun to be found. We make the best of it.

Saturday was the most fun. Some of us started our day off celebrating Fred Aman’s 95th birthday. Fred, a Korean War veteran, is a longtime resident of Lanark who is a world-renowned artist known for his art, bronzed sculptures, porcelain creations, paintings and wood carvings. One of Fred’s guests was another of Lanark’s favorite veterans, Bob Dietz, who is also 95 years old. Happy Birthday, Fred!

Bob Dietz, left, helped Fred Aman celebrate his 95th birthday. [ Pat Funderburk ]

The Lanark Village Golf Club had its second golf cart parade, this time celebrating the Fourth of July. The community gathered with their decorated carts, we also had four scooters come along for the fun, and went through our little village, passing our newly forming St. James/Lanark Volunteer Fire Department who cheered us on, ending up at the American Legion, where the judging began of 16 carts. 

And the winners were first place, Natalie Little, Rhonda Henson and Dana Mays Willams; second place Nancy Dillard and Kristen Bethel and third place Forrest Pressnel and Terri Carey, who also won best dressed. All were given cash prizes. The evening ended with food, drinks and music. All benefits went to the golf club.

The first place golf cart was won by Rhonda Henson, Natalie Little and Dana Mays Willams. [ Pat Funderburk ]

Just to let you know, the Legion Post 82 in Lanark will be participating in the July 3 festivities in Apalachicola selling “walking tacos.” When you get hungry look for their booth for a food option.

Remember, your local fireworks are in Carrabelle, on Friday, July. See you there! Also, please be aware that the Lanark area is still under a fire ban. If you are an owner of a short-term rental, it is your responsibility to advise your renter.

On Monday, July 1 the Lanark Village Association will have a member meeting at Chillas Hall starting at 6:30 p.m. ET. Bring your thoughts and/or concerns for brief discussions.

The golf club will be having their monthly yard sale on Saturday, July 6, located on Heffernan across from Chillas Hall starting at 8:30 a.m. All proceeds go to help support the club, which has recently installed three donated “Disc Golf” baskets as an added activity to the golf course. Come out to play and help the club decide if they need to add more.

The Lanark Village Association still has some spaces available in the Boat/RV/Car storage lot. For more information use the email address at the end of this article.

Please remember: Don’t feed the bears, secure your garbage and remind your guests to do the same.

Love Lanark!

Pat Sewell Funderburk is the Times Lanark News columnist. Be sure to send news and society items about Lanark Village life to her at

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