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Lanark News: Whatever you celebrate, we are all loved

Hi Y'all

Eight more days till Christmas, one more day of Hanukkah and nine days before Kwanzaa! Whatever you celebrate, we are all loved, we are all different, created so that not one human being is the same (hope they don't call me a snowflake) and I believe that God loves us all!

I love this time of year (except the Daylight Savings Time). I have to say I love celebrating in Florida where our snow is white sand.

I am sad to say that I have sad news. Jim Chapman passed away on Wednesday, Dec. 9, after suffering a massive stroke on Oct. 8, 2020. Debbie Jo was able to be with him for two weeks and was by his side when he when he went to heaven. Jim and Debbie Jo Chapman were residents and wonderful friends in Lanark and in Carrabelle. You may know Jim as a teacher at the Franklin County Schools; he also was involved in the C-Quarters Junior Fishing Tournament and the Kingfish Tournament for leukemia. They moved away from Lanark a few years ago to be with their children and grandchildren in Texas. Please pray for Debbie Jo and their family for peace and understanding. I have Debbie Jo's home address and phone number if you want to email me at p.funderburk@Yahoo.com.

The Carrabelle Boat Lights were wonderful! Thanks to all of the businesses who got together to make this happen. Forgive me for not naming names, but I don't want to leave anybody out, you know who you are and that was a real show of appreciation for your community. Thank you also to the lighted boats who participated in the parade, I'm not sure that everybody realizes how much time, money and effort goes into to having a boat in the event.

Merry Christmas!

I think that I failed to mention that at the Lanark Village Association meeting on Dec. 7, members of the association voted on the board. All members were voted in again, with one addition; we were short a board member. Bill Mickler was voted onto the board as a governor. Thank you, Bill, for stepping up to volunteer for this position, which is very helpful to our community.

The Lanark Village Association is not only a social organization, but we make an effort to help with civic issues as well. Baby steps are being made to make Lanark Village as good as it can be and it needs help from all who live here and own property here. Please consider joining and becoming a valuable part of your community.

Coffee Time in Lanark will be open on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 9:30 a.m. for a special time with singing Christmas carols, free coffee and tea. Please wear a mask and there will be social distancing. See you there!

The Lanark Village Boat Club will have their regular meeting (once a month on the third Thursday) on Dec. 17 at 6 p.m. The meeting will include the voting in of some new members on the board. It is very important that you make an effort to attend this meeting if you are a member, or if you are interested in a position, or want to nominate someone.

School will be getting out soon and the children will be around Lanark more; also there will be children coming into our area who are unfamiliar with Lanark. Please keep an eagle eye open for children and pedestrians.

The Lanark Village Bingo will start back up on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 at 6:30 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m.

Don't forget the wonderful hamburgers/cheeseburgers at the Lanark American Legion Fridays, 5 to 7 p.m. Public welcome. Call ahead to 697-9998 or drive up to the pavilion to order.

If you would like a COVID-19 test, call 653-2111 to set up an appointment.

Please try to stay strong, safe and kind.

Love Lanark!

Lanark Village Ordinance of the Day: Ordinance #97-17 – #4 – Motor homes, campers, boats, trailers, semi-trailers, and all-terrain vehicles shall not be parked in the streets or in yards of the apartments/units in Lanark Village as described in the ordinance.

Please remember to send me an email or message me on Facebook if you have anything come up that you would like to see in print.

Pat Sewell Funderburk is the Times’ Lanark News columnist. Be sure to send news and society items about Lanark Village life to her at p.funderburk@yahoo.com

This article originally appeared on The Apalachicola Times: Lanark News: Whatever you celebrate, we are all loved

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