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More than 160 Franklin County students and staff quarantined due to COVID

FRANKLIN COUNTY – In Franklin County the school system is abiding by Governor Ron DeSantis’ no mask mandate for students.

Superintendent Steve Lanier said they leave it up to the parents and students whether they want to wear one.

Out of 850 students in K-12, there are 169 students and staff quarantined due to the virus. On Tuesday, 25 students and five staff members tested positive for COVID alone.

However, Superintendent Lanier said he encourages his students and staff to wear a mask in times where social distancing isn’t possible, but said the number of cases is alarming.

“We have to to take it very seriously and do the right thing and that’s by quarantining and trying to listen to what the experts are telling us. The vaccinations are key,” Superintendent Lanier said.

Lanier said they are monitoring the number of COVID cases on a daily basis.

They also have Pancare outside of their school Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. so that students and staff can be tested if they come down with symptoms at school.

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