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Lanark fire department to meet Jan. 13

Hi Y’all: 

Happy New Year!

The new year was brought in in many different ways. We were happy to be able to celebrate. It is time to renew or join Lanark’s non-profit organizations, Lanark Village Association, Lanark Village Boat Club and the Lanark Village Golf Club. Anyone in the Lanark District can join and we also associate members.

Of course, business has to continue, it seems that at the Dec. 21 Franklin County commission meeting there was a discussion on the upcoming workshop with the representative of the State Fire Marshal’s office. There seems to be some confusion considering whether there should be a workshop. It seems that some of the volunteer fire departments do not want to have this workshop, so the commissioners voted to have a presentation from the State Fire Marshal representative instead. I heard second-hand that people thought that this meeting was fabricated; that is not the way I understood it at all. The commission meeting this past Tuesday was canceled due to illness, so the representative scheduled to give a presentation will have to reschedule. Commissioners, please give us more of a heads-up on the next scheduled time.

The Lanark Village Association had their first meeting of the year. For a cold night we had a pretty good turnout. Bingo had more people, so maybe we should have our meetings on bingo night. It was a good meeting with a few new people with good questions and ideas. Capt. Brad Segree (850-323-2780) from the sheriff’s office spoke and answered questions. He informed the members that the fenced-in area on east Oak Street {previously the recycle site} has been cleaned out to receive Lanark residents’ (No Contractors) yard debris. No bags of any kind can be dumped. If you have to transport your debris in something, dump it out and take the container, bag or whatever with you. There will be signs and cameras at the site. Fliers will be sent out to inform the community. Please help by telling your friends and neighbors. There is No Dumping of anything on Oak Street. You can also call Franklin County Landfill at (850) 670-8167 for more information. As for now the Lanark Village Proper (the apartments) will continue having their debris picked up by the county along the right-of-way of the road, usually the first week of each month. Please make an effort to get debris out then, instead of hearing the truck and then dumping right after they are gone. He briefly reported on the state of the St. James/Lanark Volunteer Fire Department. He reported that the investigation had been turned over to the state, and has not been dropped. The state will be going over the audit, etc. to determine if there was any wrongdoing.

The Concerned Citizens for the Fire Department will be meeting on Tuesday, however, I have to write this article before that day. I will let you know what happened.

The fire department will have its meeting on Thursday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m., at the fire department building on Oak Street. This is an ongoing issue that must be resolved. Please, don’t get discouraged with the way some of the meetings have been conducted. This issue is one of the most important issues for our community, which stretches from SummerCamp to Lake Morality Road.

Lanark Village Association has the best prices in the area on boat storage rental. We have 10 spaces available in the fenced-in, secure lot. Contact Jim Chedeaster (850) 697-4021 for more information on this great deal.

The procedure for getting building permits for the Lanark Village Proper (apartments) has been changed. The Franklin County Lanark Village Review Board has been advised that there will be a change, but we have not heard from the Building, Planning and Zoning department what and how those changes will occur. I will be letting you know as soon as I know. 

BE BEAR WISE, Get Help, Report Conflicts, Know the Laws, 850-265-3676 and www.myfwc.com/bear. They are out there. Short-term renters, please advise guests to secure garbage and you be sure to supply a place for garbage. We don’t want it spread all over Lanark. Thank you!


Coffee Time is still going strong and the snowbirds are flying into Lanark. Come join to meet new friends and enjoy John’s coffee and if you are lucky his baked goods. 

The American Legion Post 82 will be cooking up that wonderful cheeseburgers/hamburgers on Fridays, 5 to 7 p.m. Order in advance if you like (850-697-9998). The Legion is at 2316 Oak Street, Lanark Village.

Sundays there is 10-inch pizza, any way you like it for $10, or a slice for $1.25. 

Mondays there are hot dogs, chilli and chips for $3. Same times for both. Please come to support events in your community. Open to the public.

The Lanark Village Golf Club is always open for your fun, easygoing golfing needs. We are the only course on the bay and you can spend the day for only $5 per person and anyone can join for only $50 a year. Also, we rent out our sign for special messages as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. No COVID restrictions. 

Please send in your membership donations. There are membership forms in Chillas Hall if you didn’t receive one from the Lanark Village Golf Club 


Please remember to send me an email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions.

Pat Sewell Funderburk is the Times Lanark News columnist. Be sure to send news and society items about Lanark Village life to her at p.funderburk@yahoo.com.

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