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Prominent environmental consultant dies in Turkey

Dan Garlick, founder of one of the oldest and most experienced environmental firms in Northwest Florida and the southeastern United States, died Thursday, Jan. 4 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Garlick, 73, had been in transit to a vacation in the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, when he he suffered a stroke after getting off the plane Dec. 21.

A spokesman for the environmental consulting firm, Garlick Environmental Associates, said Garlick remained on life support until he passed away Jan. 4.

After graduating from Florida State University, in 1973 with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, and later studying oceanography at FSU until 1976, Garlick worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Regulations (now the Florida Department of Environmental Protection).

He then moved to Apalachicola, where he served as planning manager for the Florida Department of Community Affairs’ oversight of the Apalachicola Bay Area of Critical Concern.

In 1992 he established the firm, which over the last three decades established itself as the preeminent environmental consultant in Franklin County, with a reach that extended to Gulf County and well beyond, into locales throughout the Southeast.

He also held a private pilot license as well as a professional certification with the Society of Wetland Scientists, a national association. 

He is survived by two brothers, Gerald Garlick and wife Joyce, of Apalachicola, and Tom Garlick and wife Beth, of Highland, Michigan; and sister Laura Sutton, of Sonora, California.

Memorialization arrangements are pending at this time.

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  1. So sad to learn of Dan Garlick’s passing. I had not heard of his end of life illness.He will be sadly missed and I’m sure already is. Thanks for the News!

  2. Dan was a professional in his business, and worked with the county for many years. Easy to approach, and well-versed enough to answer any problem that came up.

    We will miss him.

  3. Dan Garlick was a wonderful person and a good friend to my wife, Terri, and me. We have had a lot of fun together over the course of the last 20 years and loved hanging out in his Costa Rica condo. Dan loved a good deal and came to Atlanta to the auctions at Red Baron Antiques for many years buying eclectic and unusual items.
    Dan loved eating fine food and having a bourbon. In early December, we had a kitchen picnic at Garlick Environmental and chowed down on some of my seafood gumbo supplemented with left over office pastries. Dan loved to laugh. He had a great sense of humor.

    Dan was truly a hard worker and loved the outdoors. As a professional environmentalist and a water related project consultant, many people considered him the best in the southeastern United States. I know I did. His advice, wisdom, and experience will be hard to replace along the Gulf Coast anytime soon.

    Thanks for your friendship and may you rest in peace.

  4. I’ve known Dan for well over 20 years and worked with him at the County level. He was always plesant and I enjoyed working with him. I’m grateful in the days leafing up to his departure I was able to see him an speak with him. I was very saddened by the unfortunate news. His famy, co-workers and friends will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Amy Ham-Kelly

  5. Dan started his business in August 1988, the same time I did. He and I shared office space at the old Taranto House at 53 Avenue C. Mike Koun with the Gibson Inn was our landlord.

  6. Remember that well Barbara I worked with Dan while chairing Planning and Zoning as well as with our construction company. Dan will be missed a very nice gentleman.

  7. As many of you know, we lost our family member and dear friend Dan Garlick on January 4th, 2024. We will be holding a memorial, celebrating his life at the Dixie Theatre in Apalachicola, Florida on Saturday April 6th at 2 p.m. We look forward to remembering Daniel at the memorial with friends and family.

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