Americans should not live in echo chambers

I was struck — and saddened — by the import of two opinion articles in your Feb. 15 edition.

Columnist Kesley Colbert said that like most of your readers, he was raised to not lie, cheat or steal.

Reader/subscriber Douglas Sharp then claimed that Donald Trump “was the best President ever.”


Trump is out on bail for lying, cheating and stealing. Other presidents? George Washington refused to become our king; Trump wants power for life. Lincoln and FDR led us to victory in wars that threatened to destroy us; Trump cut taxes, but did nothing else. Border wall? Not built. Mexico laughs at paying for it. A $4,000 income increase for every family? Hah! Food prices are soaring. Inflation ran rampant under Trump.

There is much more to show that Trump is among our worst presidents. It is sad that so many people swallow his lies, ignore how he cheated thousands and accept his criminal thefts of money and classified documents.

Mr. Sharp, from Georgia, is 86. I am from Pennsylvania, a fellow octogenarian (81). Both of us are among your subscribers. Mr. Sharp does not want to read comments by Mona Charen, a centrist/liberal. The American way is not to just live in echo chambers, repeating things we like to hear. The American way invites debates in the marketplace of ideas, even clashes, so the truth becomes plain through those comparisons.

I commend your newspaper for presenting Trump’s claims, though I despise his views. I commend your newspaper for also presenting Charen’s views, though they are too far left for my tastes. I welcome the opportunity to test my opinions against all other viewpoints.

We should worship God, not politicians.

Denny Bonavita

Brookville, Pennsylvania

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