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Forecast: 45 and Stormy in NYC

This week was tax time in the United States. The rest of the world is happy you paid your taxes; so was our weaponized Deep State.

So far, your tax dollars have funded the arrest of Trump’s lawyer, advisors, supporters, chief of staff, director of White House National Trade Council, chief strategist and — let’s not forget the first victim of FBI entrapment — his security advisor, Michael Flynn. 

All are people with no criminal records who apparently decided to turn to a life of crime at age 70. And none of the purported “crimes” had a meaningful victim. 

In a Rasmussen poll of Republicans, 80% say the FBI is politically weaponized, 79% say the DOJ selectively prosecutes political opponents, and 91% say Trump’s indictment is the law being used as a weapon, like in a Banana Republic. 

Trump is not on trial here; our government’s legal system is. 

The only case of many the Dems have been able to bum rush to trial that will get there before the election is the non-disclosure agreement case in New York City. It stems from a 2008 stag charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, where porn “actresses” served as “hostesses.” Stormy Daniels met Trump there. Eight years later when he ran for president, she shook him down for $130,000 to keep her mouth shut. If you’ve seen any of her short films, you will know that does not come easily.

If this current case fails, New York district attorneys have another novel legal theory with which to charge Trump. Alvin Bragg should look at a “restraint of trade” case because Trump made Stormy keep her mouth shut. And, since it originally happened on federal land in Lake Tahoe, the EPA is looking into charging Trump for drilling without a permit. 

It was first reported that Stormy Daniels was a hooker, but the public record was later corrected by her family when they insisted she was a “porn star.” It may not mean much to you, but the distinction is important to her family.

Alvin Bragg and the other DAs ran for election on “getting Trump.” So these novel charges stem from an old accusation that the FEC and the feds (their jurisdiction) looked at and did not pursue. If convicted, Trump might have to serve four years in the White House. 

The only way Trump or any GOP person would be safe from prosecution in New York City is to identify as a Democrat and assault or rob someone. 

The star witnesses for the DA are defrocked attorney Michael Cohen and the aforementioned porn star Stormy Daniels. One is a person who is from a slimy industry whose members will debase themselves for money. The other is Stormy Daniels. 

You might say, “Asking for $130,000 — isn’t that extortion?” Yes, it is. But because creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti did it and since he is a lawyer, it is called a “contract.” 

Avenatti is in jail now for extortion and stealing from clients. At one time, you will remember, he was the toast of the left. He did opposition research for Rahm Emanuel. He was on CNN more than Wolf Blitzer. That’s life: One day you’re on the cover of Time and the next year you’re doing time. 

As this case proceeds, I worry about Stormy’s memory of something that happened in 2007. Her head has banged against headboards so many times, it has triggered the NFL concussion protocol. 

I am not here to say Trump did not do anything with her, or to defend him. He probably did it, or some variation of it. He also violated the first rule of business, never pay a hooker with a check, and the first rule of Hollywood, never sleep with someone crazier than yourself. 

If this case goes to the Supreme Court and if I were Stormy, I would represent myself. She has become very good at working around old men in robes. 

All the jury members picked in New York so far get their news from the NY Times, and two are Diversity, Equity and Inclusion folks. The jury in NYC will be so toxic that Putin is looking into putting it into a syringe to use against future political rivals. 

The judge lets Michael Cohen and Stormy appear on TV and trash Trump, but he puts a gag order on Trump himself. Stormy has had gag orders in the past, but only by directors. 

Alvin Bragg, who is prosecuting Trump, chimed in wanting a $3,000 fine for each time Trump talks. Remember back just five years ago before inflation when speech was free? 

A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron Hart does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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