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Gulf Coast application deadlines near

The Gulf Coast State College Fire Academy is currently open for applications until May 10. The Fire Academy is offered twice per year in three modules, for those interested in pursuing a career in the fire service.

GCSC’s Fire Academy offers individualized instruction and training from qualified instructors who work in the field. Students will qualify for firefighter positions throughout the state upon successful completion of the Minimum Standards program and State Exam. Students must meet GCSC admission requirements for P.S.A.V. and Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training Requirements.

Class begins June 10 on the GCSC North Bay Campus. For more information, please contact Kevin Granberg at kgranberg@gulfcoast.edu or 850.769.1551 ext. 5606.

Gulf Coast State College’s Physical Therapist Assistant registration is open for the Fall 2024 semester.

The Gulf Coast PTA program trains skilled healthcare professionals to deliver physical therapy services under the guidance of a physical therapist. This may include guiding patients through therapeutic exercises, applying physical agents like heat and cold, and communicating with the PT as the patient’s medical condition changes. 

Students in the GCSC PTA program are prepared to take on these roles, receiving comprehensive training in therapeutic exercises, flexibility, balance/coordination, mobility, and more while in the program.

The PTA program is a two-year Associate in Science degree, and graduates have the opportunity to test for licensure as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

PTA Application Deadline is Thursday, May 9. For more information, please contact Melinda Cumbaa at (850) 913-3312 or mcumbaa@gulfcoast.edu

GCSC’s Radiography program prepares students to work as radiographers in various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and sports medicine clinics. 

In the program, students will engage in curriculum study and clinical education practice, and will learn patient care, radiographic pathologies, radiation protection, and how to safely perform diagnostic radiographic examinations. 

The College uses state-of-the-art equipment that allows students to perform imaging exams using computerized and digital imaging, mobile fluoroscopy and mobile imaging, providing students a unique experience.

The Radiography Application Deadline is Friday, May 10. To learn more about the Radiography Program, contact Lacy Newsom at 850.913.3318 or lnewsom@gulfcoast.edu.

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