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Election 2024: Rudd seeks school superintendent post

Incumbent school superintendent, Republican Steve Lanier, 66, 126 Hickory Dip Road, Eastpoint, is facing a challenge from Democrat Jill Rudd, 52, 74 Rose Street, Sopchoppy.

The following statement is provided by the Rudd campaign.

Hello, I am Jill Rudd, and I am aspiring to be your next superintendent of schools. 

With a rich educational background spanning more than 20 years, I have served in various capacities within the education sector, from classroom teaching to administrative roles such as assistant principal, principal, director of special Programs, and currently as director of instruction. 

Holding a professional educator certificate in elementary education grades K-6, alongside endorsements in reading, English for Speakers of Other Languages, educational leadership, and school principal at all levels, my expertise extends to school transformation initiatives. Notably, I spearheaded the successful elevation of a D-rated school to a C-rating within a mere 10 months. This accomplishment stemmed from a holistic approach addressing school-specific challenges, implementing evidence-based instructional methods, and fostering a culture centered on high expectations. This experience has equipped me with profound insights into the educational landscape of Franklin County, a pivotal asset for effective district leadership.

My educational credentials include a degree in business management and administration, a master’s degree in educational leadership, and a doctorate in curriculum design and instruction. Notably, the former FDOE commissioner appointed me to the Committee of Practitioners, where I serve as president. In this capacity, I oversee the review of state regulations under Title I, offering counsel to the Bureau of Federal Educational Programs. This role has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of federal grant systems and a platform to advocate for district interests.

My leadership wisdom is exemplified during my tenure as principal of FCS, where students achieved top scores in the Panhandle on SAT school day and garnered national recognition from the College Board. Moreover, under my guidance, FCHS witnessed a record number of students graduating with an AA degree before high school completion. I spearheaded the development of the Health Sciences Certified Nursing Assistant Program, showcasing my ability to drive positive change and enhance educational outcomes.

As your prospective superintendent, my core objectives are:

● Enhance fiscal responsibility and transparency to bolster the fund balance, seeking state and federal grants to prioritize student needs effectively.

● Implement top-tier instruction and interventions.

● Empower teachers and staff through professional learning programs and mentorship initiatives, fostering pedagogical excellence across all classrooms.

● Formulate a district-wide strategic plan through stakeholder engagement, ensuring alignment with educational goals and instructional standards.

● Elevate student and staff attendance rates through targeted improvement plans and a supportive school environment.

● Drive student enrollment by refining recruitment strategies and tailoring the curriculum to meet diverse student needs, fostering an inclusive learning environment.

● Forge a collaborative partnership with the Florida Department of Education Bureau of School Improvement to bridge learning gaps and enhance student proficiency, ensuring resource adequacy and support for school success.

While not a current resident of Franklin County, my six-year tenure in the district has fostered a deep bond with the students, staff, and community. I am dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Franklin County Schools, envisioning a school system we can all take pride in. Your insights are invaluable to me; please reach out via ruddforsuperintendent@gmail.com or (850) 895-6712 to share your thoughts and concerns.

I humbly seek your support to enhance the educational landscape of Franklin County. Vote for Jill Rudd as the superintendent of Franklin County Schools on Nov. 5 to champion quality education for all students.

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