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Create in America a clean heart, O God

If we can’t agree on anything else, we can at least agree that America is struggling. Perhaps considering John Adams` words could help get the United States of America back on track.

An article titled “4th of July Article” on Wallbuilders.com says, “John Adams believed that the Fourth of July should become a religious holiday – a day when we… committed ourselves… in ‘solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.’ Such was the spirit of the American Revolution as seen through the eyes of those who led it… ”

What would happen if every Fourth of July, we, as a nation, recommitted ourselves to Almighty God? We could begin by acknowledging – and repenting – of our rebellious ways by praying a prayer resembling Psalm 51:

Have mercy on America, O God, according to Your steadfast love; according to Your abundant mercy, blot out our transgressions. Cleanse us from our sin. For we know our transgressions, and our sin is ever before us.

Against You, You only have we sinned and done what is evil in Your sight.

Create in America a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within us. Cast us not away from Your presence and take not Your Holy Spirit from us.

Restore to America the joy of Your salvation and uphold us with a willing spirit. Then we will teach other nations Your ways so that they, too, may repent and return to You. Amen.

Even if only 10 percent of Americans do this, it could transform America. But let’s ask God for a multitude of intercessors who will pray fervently for every political leader from the White House to our local districts, including our pastors. Let’s also ask Him for intercessors who will pray for everyone living within our borders.

Will you be one of these intercessors? Will you intercede for America – not only on July 4, but all year long?

If so, ask God to help us desire His wisdom and develop a reverence for Him – and give us discernment to understand the price we’ll suffer if we don’t.

Pray we’ll realize the enormity of the consequences of every vote and every issue. And pray that God will fulfill His purposes for our country in such a way that other nations will want to emulate America.

We, individually and corporately, can’t afford to minimize our sin – or underestimate God’s judgment. Rather, let us fall on our knees in repentance and ask our heavenly Father to transform America by creating in us a clean heart.

Show us our hearts, O God.

And then show us Yours.

Sheryl H. Boldt, a Franklin County resident, is the author of the blog www.TodayCanBeDifferent.net. Connect with her at SherylHBoldt@gmail.com

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