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Clean-up goes well despite the rains

Hi Y’all,

The Lanark Village Clean-Up went well. Though the rains came and stopped us, we still were able to fill two Dumpsters. We did the best we could, though there are people breaking trash ordinances, but won’t take this opportunity to have their neighbors help to clean up. They still won’t let go. It would have been great to have a code enforcement officer helping us. 

I once again am sorry to have to tell you that one of our longtime snowbirds has passed away. MaryAnn Dise Bove passed away March 28, with her loving family by her side in Minnesota. Those of us in Lanark knew MaryAnn as an incredibly sweet lady. She had 12 children before her husband Bill Dise died, and she later married Jim Bove who passed away some years ago. MaryAnn and Jim were yearly residents in Lanark getting away from the cold Minnesota winters. While in Lanark they were a huge part of activities in the community. Though they have been gone a few years, their impact on our little village will be remembered.

The Lanark Village Association meeting was held on Monday, April 4. As this article has to be submitted on Monday mornings, I will give highlights from this meeting next week.

The Lanark Village Golf Club meeting will be Thursday, April 14tat Chillas Hall at 6 p.m. We would love to have you come and become members as we plan our rest of the year. Our recent tournament has sparked a memorable event of possible things to come. Young Levi goes out in the afternoons with his dad, Joe Dellagatto, to learn the proper way to play and enjoy golf. What a great way for our course to be used and enjoyed. 

The St. James / Lanark Volunteer Fire Department should be having a meeting on Thursday, April 14, but we have no way to let you know. I know that the community is at a loss for words as to not being able to get any answers or information from the fire department. 

BE BEAR WISE, Get Help, Report Conflicts, Know the Laws, 850-265-3676 and www.myfwc.com/bear. They are out there. Short-term renters, please advise your guests to secure garbage and be sure to supply a secure place for garbage. We don’t want it spread all over Lanark. Thank you! 

Love Lanark

Pat Sewell Funderburk is the Times Lanark News columnist. Be sure to send news and society items about Lanark Village life to her at [email protected]


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