Police beating does not reflect law enforcement profession

It is the responsibility of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to protect and serve our community and those in need. We take great pride in wearing the Franklin County Sheriff’s badge. And, given that, it makes the news of Tyre Nichol’s death very troubling.

The video released by the Memphis Police Department of the beating death of Tyre Nichols is incredibly unsettling to watch. It does not reflect what it means to be a part of the law enforcement profession.

The Memphis Police Department has taken the first step by firing the involved officers.

On behalf of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, I want to extend my profound sympathy for the Nichols family. 

I understand that viewing this video brings many uneasy emotions and even anger. I can understand those reactions. My hope is that we can channel those emotions into creating real change so this never happens again.

A.J. Smith

Sheriff, Franklin County