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AOC and the left: Do as I say, not as I do

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC, or “Sandy” as she was known by her tony Westchester, NY classmates back when being a victim was not aspirational), recently got the ‘Rona. She was partying mask-less in Miami, so it really was not her fault. Nothing ever is. 

Like most lefties, she has been preaching to us morons on how to handle COVID. She learned in her career as a bartender, before becoming a thought leader among Democrats, the value of shots. At her bar called The Border they named a drink after her. If The Border has too much booze in it and gets you out of control, you protect yourself by adding more ICE. 

As AOC continues to take selfies and attack anyone who disagrees with her socialist answers to any policy question, her infamy grows. In her eyes, every problem in America is caused by global warming and structural racism. She wore a $29,000 dress to the Met Gala that had “Tax the Rich” splashed in paint on it. And you wonder why the world hates America? 

She had all three shots, yet she contracted the virus. Fellow leftist traveler Alec Baldwin takes a different view than Sandy Ocasio. It is clear that Alec Baldwin feels just one shot gives you complete immunity. 

The left has ginned up the false narrative that only they understand science and we must listen to their latest musings on COVID. Their god, disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo, lectured us endlessly on what was then called Corona. But New York and the surrounding area had some of the worst results. 

Let’s just admit we really do not always know. Put out the best information you can and let us decide with our doctor the best way to go. And let’s support our healthcare workers. Politicizing COVID does no one any good. 

To most of us, what the CDC and “experts” tell us does not make sense. We are in our third year of “just two weeks to flatten the curve.” Do not wear a mask, they said at first.  Now if you do not wear a mask, it is like being branded with a Scarlet Letter.

And speaking of letters, even the names of the variants make no sense. The last variant was Delta. Thanks to pledging SAE, I know in the Greek alphabet that after Delta comes Epsilon, then Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi – then Omicron. You skipped to Omicron? What else are you not telling us? 

Perhaps they skipped ahead to Omicron because it sounded like “another con.” At some point, we need to stop consulting the CDC on COVID and start asking campus IFCs to chime in. 

I first got COVID a year ago, and I just recovered from Omicron two weeks ago. Pi comes after Omicron in the Greek alphabet, so I cannot wait until the next variant. I love pie.

Even Hollywood’s beloved Whoopi Goldberg got the ‘Rona. They tested her on TV  with one of those intrusive swabs. The swab in her nose got in trouble for violating Columbian air space. 

The left and right need to agree that we really do not know for sure all the intricacies of this disease. Joe Rogan broke with the dogma of the left in his treatment and now they are trying to burn him at the stake. The left does not reason or argue with you on facts; when you disagree with them, they personally attack you. Ask Senator Joe Manchin. 

The same goes for Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay quarterback failed to fall in line with the lemmings to the NFL’s left-wing dictates. He may have take the horse medicine Ivermectin, which is his right. Perhaps the Packers trade him to the Broncos or Colts now. But I like that he stood up.

Why have Americans grown distrustful of government and its handling of COVID? Leftist governments find it easy to close down small businesses, churches, bars, and clubs, but they won’t close down tent cities filled with drugged-out homeless people on the streets of America. Or the border. We are rejecting this “one size fits all” approach from Washington. 

As for AOC, she will remain a selfie-absorbed nut job. She said recently that those who differ with her on policy, are mad that they cannot sleep with her. 

I wish AOC well and hope she can stay positive.

Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author, and TV/radio commentator; you can reach him at Ron@RonaldHart.com or Twitter @RonaldHart.

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