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Republican launches bid for District 4 seat

A Republican candidate has signaled her intent to run for the county commission seat now held by commissioner Smokey Parrish.

Lorrainne Gordon, 43, of 511 Paradise Lane, Apalachicola, filed a letter of intent last month to run as a GOP candidate for the District 4.

Also last month, Democrat Joseph A. “Smokey” Parrish, of 108 Long Road, Apalachicola, filed a letter of intent to run for the seat he has held since 2006.

Unless either faces a challenger in the Aug. 23 primary, the two are set to square off in the Nov. 8 general election.

Gordon’s entry into the race marks the first time in recent memory that a Republican has vied for the seat, which has long been one usually decided between two Democrats in an open primary where all can vote.

The district is informally known as the “silk stocking” district in that it encompasses Apalachicola’s historic district as well as the areas outside the city to the north and west.

While party politics has not generally been a deciding factor in the district, it has trended Republican in terms of party registration.

As of May 2, the district included 574 registered Democrats, 462 Republicans, 30 with smaller parties and 170 without party affiliation. The district is overwhelmingly white, with just 16 registered Black voters.

Potential candidates must decide whether they want to enter the race by qualifying week, which begins June 13.

The deadline to register to vote in the primary, or to change party, is July 25. The deadline to register to vote in the general election, or to change party, is Oct. 11.

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