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Tolbert oversees successful Lanark Village golf tourney

Hi Y’all,

The sun shone once again on the Lanark Village Golf Club. In 1976 the club bought and established The Lanark Village Golf Club. The course was constructed on property which had been part of Camp Gordon Johnston during World War II. It has gone through good times and bad times, surviving most recently on yard sales and fundraisers. 

This past Saturday the Golf Club hosted a golf tournament, yes on our course, which was headed up by Nola Tolbert, one of the original members from 1996 and shareholders when the additional property was added. 

The tournament was a complete success with Nola’s expertise, participates, volunteers, donations, hole sponsors (American Legion Post #82, Susan Ellis, Don Railey, Robin Gibson, Bert Boldt, Lanark Village Boat Club, Cheryl Sanders, Market Run LLC – Lanark Market, Lanark Village Charters – Forest Pressnell, Jr., Just Golf -Tallahassee, Shanahan & Luff Construction – Newtown, PA, Lanark Village Association, Prime Meridian Bank, 98 Liquors – Eastpoint, Jeff Wilson), Jackson’s Ace Hardware for the scoreboard and Mother Nature for the sunshine. We even had a great crowd of spectators. What a plus for those of us who have worked so hard and for the entire community. 

Ms. Janis Rhinehart has left the village! She will be missed and we hope she will again visit us. Her bench has arrived and will be installed in front of Chillas Hall this coming weekend. 

On Saturday, April 2, there will be a Lanark Village Clean-Up from 9 to 11 a.m. There is a sign-up sheet in Chillas Hall. Volunteers will come around with bags and trucks to pick up your trash (Not Household Garbage) that you have been saying for years you need to get rid of. Well now is your chance. Have your trash on the side of the road before 9 a.m. We will Not come in your house to take things out. 

Volunteers should be at Chillas Hall by 9 a.m. where they will be provided with bags, gloves and instructions. If you are not in the village, but in the Lanark area, please participate, you can still bring your trash to Oak Street east of Carlton to the dumpsters which the county is supplying. No Contractors May Use This Dump.

The Lanark Village Association will be having their monthly meeting on Monday, April 4. Let’s make this one of our well-attended meetings. Commissioner Bert Boldt and Captain Brad Segree will be at the meeting to answer your questions. I am sure that we all would like to know about the situation with the code enforcement officers. 

Some of us are still having to pick-up others’ garbage at least once a week. What is so hard to understand? Bears get, and drag away bags of unsecured garbage. If your can is turned over and there is no garbage in it, could you look around to see if your garbage is in your neighbors yard And Pick Up Your Own Garbage!

BE BEAR WISE, Get Help, Report Conflicts, Know the Laws, 850-265-3676 and www.myfwc.com/bear. They are out there. Short-term renters, please advise your guest to secure garbage and you be sure to supply a place for garbage. We don’t want it spread all over Lanark. Thank you! 

Love Lanark

Pat Sewell Funderburk is the Times Lanark News columnist. Be sure to send news and society items about Lanark Village life to her at p.funderburk@yahoo.com

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